lunedì 23 ottobre 2006

Top Escort F.A.Q.

Can we meet for coffee/drink/lunch/dinner first?
Yes, of course. The rate is €3.000 for a weekday and €5.000 for the weekend. In Milan we can arrange 2 hours for €1.000.

Why does a nice girl like you do this?
Same reason you do what you do.

I would like to meet you frequently. Do I get a discount?
Yes, of course. After the first three times, we can negotiate a discount. Right now it's a bit too soon for that!

I'll pay you double if you have sex with me without a condom. You don't think that I could be infected?
Neither am I, and I'd like to stay that way. No Thanks.

I don't like to speak with an answering machine. Can you send me your mobile phone number?
I will give you my mobile phone number when we meet, but not before that.

Will you travel to meet me?
Yes, if you will book the Ticket in advance.

Most call-girls I know do this only because they are getting paid for it. Do you get any enjoyment out of this?
Yes, I only do the things that I really enjoy.

How much do you cost for 2 days?
Twice as much!

I am very wealthy and can easily afford to pay you, but I have a little cashflow problem just now. Can we work something out?
Yes, let's meet after your problems are over!

I would like to meet you but I am concerned that one day my wife/girlfriend might find out. Can you reassure me somehow?

How long have you been doing this?
Not very long!

What is you real name?
You can read it on my web site!

Why can't we just meet as friends?
Let's first meet on a 'pay-basis' and then see if we can become friends, OK.

I want you only for one hour. What is your rate for that?
Sorry, but I do not meet clients for less than two hours.

Your charges are higher than average. How do you justify that?
I am better than average.

Can we get to know each other by e-mail first, before we meet?
Please visit one of the hundreds of web-sites which offer the "horny-chat" service. I don't!

I frequently stay in the same hotel and do not wish the staff to realise that I have hired an escort. Do you think you can manage that?
The staff will assume that we are conducting a business meeting. I look and dress the part.

Can I get a reference about you from one of your previous clients?
Sorry, I cannot do that. My client's privacy is as important to me, as my own.

I want to offer you a wonderful opportunity to make millions. Let's meet up for a chat.
Let's start by making me wealthier by my rate for a day first!

I will pay you after you have proved yourself.
Sorry, but I do not work that way. For that matter, neither does any other call-girl!

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central_do_brasil ha detto...

Conosco queste F.A.Q
sopratutto le 2 ore a a 1000 Dollari!

yoda ha detto...

How much do you cost for 2 days?
Twice as much!

Questa è la più bella.......

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Oggi mi sento un po' cosi'...

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